Sunday, December 21, 2014

Events for the week of Dec. 21, 2014

Only two to report for me, although that's busier than most weeks.

Tuesday, Dec. 23: Chrisparkermas at Space Exchange! Chris Parker was coincidentally born on Dec. 25, which as it is often said is terrible for those expecting gifts. Chris is planning an all-out holiday music special this time, with David Throckmorton, Paul Thompson, me, and three brass. I've contributed a re-orchestration of "Sugar Rum Cherry" from the Ellington Nutcracker Suite (which was actually arranged by Billy Strayhorn). Thunderbird Cafe, 9pm, free.

Saturday, Dec.27: despite the listing on the James St. Gastropub website ( this will be the Throckmorton Quartet including Chris Parker, Paul Thompson, and me. (Nearly) all-improvised groove improvisations and structured openness. I'll be on alto sax, laptop with Max programming and Rock Band game controller. What? See for yourself.

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