Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Looking to May

Space Exchange this coming May:

So this month I've willingly given over my slot to Lina Allemano and her quartet, making their second appearance on the Space Exchange series. They're a great free jazz group from Toronto and should not be missed, particularly at the price.

I will be joining Matt Booth with Palindromes, with the two saxophone/two bass/drum lineup we did a few months ago.  That should be a lot of fun. It will also be Matt Booth's final appearance on the Space Exchange series as a regular contributor, as he is moving to New Orleans on June 1st. No doubt he'll be back for various visits in the future, but otherwise he presence will be sorely missed. Looks like Throck and I will have to double down our efforts to keep the series as fresh and exciting as we believe it has been.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A glacially increasing international presence

Blogger lets you see the countries of people who have browsed your blog. (Not to mention things such as OS, browser, etc.) So, nineteen hits from the Ukraine?

I suppose there's a comment in there somewhere about not only how ubiquitous our data network is, but how anything posted publicly online can travel around the world and be seen by anyone. (Note to my college students: always keep this in mind and don't post embarrassing things online. Be mindful of your digital footprint.)

So, to all my Ukrainian, German, Romanian, French, Australian, Canadian, British, Indonesian, and Polish friends, here are a few things happening in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, North America.

April at Space Exchange

Here's how our current month's schedule will look. I'll be on the hit for the last two, though who knows? Chris might ask me to stop by on the 14th, we'll see.

Of course Thoth Trio is my long-standing group with Paul Thompson and David Throckmorton. The "electric" version means Paul might bring electric bass, and I'll definitely bring things like my laptop and other gadgets.

Matt Booth's Palindromes on the 28th I think will be the mighty version with Jeff Grubbs playing bass along with Matt. At least, I think I have that right.