Sunday, January 18, 2015

This week's events

Saturday, Jan. 24: 4th Call will be appearing at the James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy 9pm-midnight. ( The listing will be for "David Throckmorton's Quartet", though we'll be five in number: John Petrucelli, Reggie Watkins, Matt Booth, Throck and myself. Mostly or all Thelonious Monk.

Sunday, Jan. 25: 3pm, I'll be in a duet with guitarist Josh Wulff, playing live accompaniment to the film Nanook of the North. I'm told some "oohs and ahs" went up when this was announced at the previous "Silents, Please!" event, so we're hoping for a good crowd. Would love to see you there!

6-9pm: I pack up my gear and head over to the James St. again, to play with Jeff Berman's Blink (with Jeff Grubbs and Throck again). Two gigs in a day is not a record for me, but it is unusual. Especially two really fun events, for me at least.

In case you're interested, the debut Silk Sound CD is now available: It's an edited version of our debut concert, and sounds quite good.

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