Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sound/Unsound, Cleveland

Hello. I haven't been posting to my blog much, as noted previously.

So please note, I have a new CD by Sound/Unsound available, in addition to the Concerto for Orkestra CD, and a new MM 76 compilation.

I know, as someone who owns many, many CDs that I would like to unload, hardly anyone likes them and I understand the move towards non-physical delivery. But, there is something gratifying about putting an object into someone's hands.

So I'll post the URL for the CDBaby pages for the recent issues, where available.

Also, if you're in or around Cleveland and don't have anything better to do on July 15, Thoth Trio is playing at the Bop Stop. We had maybe fifteen people at our previous performance, which I consider to be pretty good considering we're an unknown band playing in a town for the first time. Can we go for twenty? Thanks.

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