Monday, March 16, 2020

March 16

My wife and I spent the weekend in Washington, DC. We arrived just in time to take in a few hours at some of the Smithsonian museums: African American History, the Hirshhorn, and the African Art Museum. Then it all shut down Friday evening. Not just the Smithsonians; the Phillips Collection and the National Arboretum were also shuttered. We spent Saturday ambling around DC, and found some fun spots we hadn't visited before. We still had a great time.

The subsequent shutdown of bars, concert venues, and other non-essential gathering places, will  deprive musicians of their livelihood. We all understand, but it's still hard times.

Might I suggest, this would be an excellent time to buy at least one recording off Bandcamp, or other similar service. The more obscure the group, the bigger a difference it will make.

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