Monday, March 2, 2020

So, back again

Hello! In case anyone's noticing. I see that my previous posting was a year ago, announcing a new website that I have not maintained properly. Certainly during my summer break, if not considerably sooner, I'll get back to updating these resources and posting more regularly.

I am happy to say that Live! at Kingfly has been going well a year on. It was a slow burn for a time. I don't think I'm revealing anything secret when I was asked by the ownership to make the series more like Space Exchange. Well, I have, and we've been gaining and holding an audience pretty consistently.

Oh, we still have jazz groups; the Lynn Speakman Quintet will be playing March 12, for example. But her band doesn't just play standards, and they bring heat. But Live! has expanded in scope to be more of a creative music showcase, including groups such as electroacoustic Balkan instrumental band Bombici (returning March 19), the improvised grooves and plunderphonics of Throckmorton Plot and Sound/Unsound (March 26), as well as Space Exchange regulars Thoth Trio and Jeff Berman's BLINK!

I'm especially happy to mention that world-renowned Thereminist Pamelia Stickney will be playing Kingfly April 23, with Jesse Stiles and me.

I'll try to stay on top of these lines of communication better in the future, as there are definitely some things to announce hopefully in the near future.

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